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Lokeshvara buddhist mandala

Lokeshvara buddhist mandala

588 USD
Lokeshvara Buddhist mandala is hand painted on cotton canvas by Thangka artist from Nepal. The size of this mandala is 45 x 45 cm and its weight is 0.1 kg.  
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Lokeshvara Buddhist mandala is handpainted on cotton canvas by Thangka artist from Nepal. The images of Lokeshvara can be found in Java, China, and Japan. Lokeshvara is a multi-armed form of Avalokiteshvara that seems to have been popular in Nepal since the Middle ages.

Lokeshvara presented at the center of the mandala. The name suggests that he is the lord of the world with infallible noose which leads suffering sentient beings to enlightenment.

Iconography of Lokeshvara

Lokeshvara is the mystery in the center of the world lotus. All his limbs are white. He has one face and wears the saffron dress.

He is wearing an antelope skin symbolizing that he is extremely compassionate to suffering sentient beings. He has eight hands, the right showing the gesture of fearlessness and the boon granting gesture. He is holding the noose and the string of beads, the left holding a trident, a scripture, a white lotus, and a water pot.